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Volunteers Needed
The Calaveras community has responded heroically to assist their neighbors in time of need. The Butte Fire is out, but now the real heroics start. Land and homes devastated by the fire need to be rebuilt into the beautiful properties once enjoyed by the inhabitatants. Individuals, families and homeowners displaced by the fire are looking to rebuild their lives and their homes. Your donation of new building materials, money or labor will help in this long term recovery effort. It is estimated it will take as many as five years to restore homes and land. We thank everyone who is helping and hope you will continue your volunteer efforts long after the smoke has cleared and the disaster response teams have gone home.
Volunteering with Habitat is an easy way to help. A few hours each month can make a world of difference. Volunteers with Habitat help in a variety of ways; debris removal, cleaning, painting, construction or home repair, helping owners with permitting process for rebuilding, the list is endless. Use the link at right to volunteer, or call our office.

Are you a victim of the Butte Fire?
If you have suffered fire damage to your home and you may need assistance, please call our office. We are determining needs of the victims and can enlist volunteers to help you with your specific need. We ask that you leave a message if we don't answer the phone, as our staff members are also victims of the fire, so we may be a little slow in responding to your calls. Help is also forthcoming from CalaverasRecovers.org which is partnered with Habitat Calaveras and 20+ other non-profits and faith-based organizations to assist in the long-term recovery efforts.

Visit our ReStore at 172 California Street in San Andreas, CA for all your gently used building material, appliance, and furniture needs.

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Even a little girl in Kansas needed some help rebuilding her home after a natural disaster...

Okay, Habitat didn't exist when a tornado took a little girl on a trip. But in reality, when a town in Kansas decided to honor the story of the Kansas girl, they found a suitable house and used volunteer help to rehab the shabby house into a replica of her home. It is now on display and a proud reminder of what a community can do if they pull together to help each other.

You can do the same right here in Calaveras County. Butte fire survivors will need your help to replace their homes destroyed by a disaster. You can donate materials, labor (no expericence necessary) or make a cash donation. It doesn't matter how much or how little. Remember, one drop of water isn't much, but thousands of drops will fill the bucket. Take a moment, and go to our volunteer or donation page to help. Or, just use the big green button on this page for a monetary donation. Thank you.

A Few Words About Us:  Home ownership is the goal of most people living in America. Having roots in a community where you live and work, raise your children, shop and attend social events is the desire of all humanity. Habitat for Humanity Calaveras (HfHC) provides home ownership to responsible local homebuyers who already live and work in the community but have yet to own their first home. Together with volunteers, homebuyers partner with us to build a simple but modern home that they then buy on very favorable terms. Each homebuyer volunteers 400 hours of ‘sweat equity’ and then has a mortgage based on the cost of building the home and their ability to pay. Contrary to popular belief, Habitat Homes are NOT free!

Habitat homebuyers become homeowners building equity and stakeholders in the community. Habitat is a ‘Hand Up’ NOT a ‘Hand Out’. The county benefits from an increased pool of affordable housing, while donors and volunteers are rewarded through their contribution to the local community. Communities become stronger with hard working homeowners building a new life full of promise and hope.

Habitat working with displaced Butte Fire survivors to rebuild homes and lives

As the only non-profit home builder in the County, Habitat for Humanity Calaveras is here to help the long term repair and rebuilding. Habitat Calaveras has helped with disasters including hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake. Now we are here to help in our own county to return survivors to their property and resume the life they love in Calaveras County.

Habitat Calaveras has reached out to the survivors of the Butte fire, and we are in the process of vetting applicants to assist them in rebuilding their homes. Vetting is necessary due to the limited funds currently available. We can help more with the
financial help of generous donors like you. Habitat Calaveras volunteers will maximize your donation to help qualified retired, senior, disabled, veteran or any other homeowner. Donating online is easy. Use the DONATE ONLINE link:


Our goal is to help as many as we can during 2017. We know the need will be great. Please give from the heart to help. Share our homepage link on your FB, Instagram, text messaging or other social media so your friends, co-workers, and employers can also share your enthusiam to help. Corporate donatons are also greatly needed and appreciated.

Your generous donaton will help those in Calaveras County affected by this disaster rebuild. Thank you.

If you prefer to mail your donation to us,
please make your check payable to
Habitat for Humanity Calaveras
(or HFHC if you prefer)
and mail your donaton to:

Habitat Calaveras
P.O. Box 1834
San Andreas, CA 95249
Cars for homes accepts new, used, vehicles as donations for building homes
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