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Critical Home Repair

What We Do

Critical Home Repair (CHR) provides for repairing conditions that are hazardous to the health and/or safety of the home’s occupants. Included are projects such as repairing plumbing and roof leaks, and electrical malfunctions, bathroom water damage, etc.  

The work of Home Repair is provided by Habitat Calaveras volunteers using donated materials whenever possible. Homeowners are encouraged to participate in the repair work with sweat equity or support it in other ways.

To qualify, applicants must own the home they live in, meet income eligibility, and agree to reimburse Habitat Calaveras for the cost of materials and/or cost of contracted craft people (if needed), or pay off a loan at zero % interest with affordable monthly payments.  Monies received from partner homeowners are placed in a revolving Home Repair fund to assist others in need.

Helping people repair and maintain their homes fits in with Habitat’s core mission of providing for decent, affordable housing for low-income homeowners while improving neighborhoods and property values.

Call our office to obtain an application and have your home evaluated for inclusion in the CHR program.

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