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Monetary Donation


We need your help in meeting our mission. Send your donation to the address on this page.

We accept donations from businesses, corporations, family trusts. We need on-going support from charitable giving organizations or family trusts to build affordable housing in Calaveras County.
If you are considering donating, either one-time or a sustainable contribution, PLEASE consider giving to Habitat for Humanity Calaveras.

Contact the Executive Director at 209-754-5331 to arrange your contribution. We sincerely appreciate your help.

Donations by check may be made by designating your check to:
Habitat for Humanity Calaveras  (or  HFHC)

Send your check to:
Habitat for Humanity Calaveras
P.O. Box 1834
San Andreas, CA 95249

Besides giving a monetary donation directly to Habitat Calaveras, there are many ways you can support Habitat Calaveras. Setting up Workplace donations, Honorary donations, Monthly (ongoing) donations, and Planned Giving are but just a few of the opportunities available. We also accept vehicles, stocks and bonds.

Please click on the green button to learn how you can set up future giving with just a few minutes on your computer. You will be redirected to the Habitat International site. Just follow the links. You can direct your donation to Habitat Calaveras if you wish and/or support Habitat International by Gift in Kind donations, stocks and bonds, or Corporate Giving.

Online Donation link
Donate Now
If you prefer to donate online by credit card to Habitat Calaveras, please click on the logo above. Rest assured, donating online at
the Habitat website is safe and secure.

It’s not too early to think about the ’T’  Word...Tax


You can donate to Habitat Calaveras by writing your check before the end of 2017. But if you miss the deadline, Habitat for Humanity California is now an official Voluntary Contribution Fund on the California State Income Tax Return. We want to remind you early of this great way to support the organization you love simply by checking box #428 on your CA Tax Return.

To donate on your 2017 CA Tax Return:
1) Find the Voluntary Contributions list on your 540 CA tax return form
2) Find box #428 “Habitat for Humanity Fund”
3) Simply designate how much you would like to donate and help us build!

Tax return contributions go directly to the Habitat for Humanity Fund of California, from which funds are returned to Habitat for Humanity Calaveras by the automatic matching of donors’ zip codes to Habitat’s area of service. Help make Calaveras County a better place to live by donating to the Habitat for Humanity Fund on your 2017 California State Income Tax Return.

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P.O. Box 1834, San Andreas, CA 95249
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